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Here We Are! It's Our New Website!

To catch our whole story, take a listen to our podcast Everything Always.

So why are we even doing this?! And what will you find here?

Well, we’re Mike and Summer Mulder and we started dating back in 2008. We were both divorced and each had two kids. Mike’s kids were just about five and three and mine were three and one! Yup! Pretty young.

To catch our whole story, take a listen to our podcast Everything Always, which you can find on all the podcast channels and right here on the home page. Check out our second episode where we dish the whole story!

Now, twelve years later, we’re dishin’ up even more on what we’ve learned when it comes to blending a family.

Step-parenting and co-parenting are not a walk in the park. We know this first hand. There are so many things we’ve learned along the way - things we’re pretty proud we did right and things we would have done differently and we want to share those and help as many blended families as we can.

Stay tuned here where we’ll blog about some pretty important topics that have not only impacted us, but many families.

We’re so happy you’re here and please, feel free to contact us if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover!

From our blended zany bunch to yours… welcome :)

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