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Thanks for sending! We feature one open letter every week - be sure to follow us on Instagram @everythingalwaysco.

Have you ever wanted to send an anonymous message or letter to someone? For me (Summer), the most powerful therapy has always been to write. If I feel angry, sad, super inspired or just wanting to feel understood, I write and often I write letters to someone when those feelings involve a particular person. 


When it comes to divorce, co-parenting, step-parenting, new relationships, and blended families, there tends to be a lot we don’t say and a lot we wish we could say. 


It feels so good writing a letter as if you were going to send it to that person. It’s like a huge dump of negative energy. 


Well, we want to offer you that forum where you can have a voice… anonymously. If there is something you’ve always wanted to say to someone, but knew that out of respect, or to save drama or because you knew it wouldn’t be received well, now is your chance to get it out there and have it be read.


We’d like to serve as your voice. 


Here’s what to do. Fill out this form below. We won’t know who you are as it will be sent to us anonymously. We’ll choose one open letter per week to send out to our audience and to read aloud on the podcast. 


We’ll be able to reply to you (you’ll still remain anonymous unless you reply back) and let you know when it will be featured.


It’s 100% confidential!


So what do you say? Ready to get it off your chest!

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