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When it comes to blended families...

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Setting your kids up for success with money

Most kids under the age of 17 really don’t understand money or budgets, but it’s so important to start teaching them about this stuff early.

The Family Blog

The Importance of Setting Boundaries

You got divorced because you had “issues.” And here you are divorced and you’re still dealing with issues!


There’s only one way to deal with these so-called issues. It’s called boundaries! 

Marriage in a Blended Family

There were times in our relationship before getting engaged that I didn’t even think we would make it. Not for lack of love and wanting to be together, but wondering if it would be a lifetime of struggle. 

Blending My Family Made Me Better in Business

I suddenly became aware of a clear parallel between raising a blended family and growing a business. Being on this journey with Mike has impacted the ways I cope with both personal challenges and business challenges.

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